Meet Your Secretary:

David Brodnax, Sr.

Professor of History,

Trinity Christian College

David Brodnax, Sr. is a professor of history and director of the Black Studies minor at Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, Illinois. His research specialty is 19th-century black Midwestern history, with an emphasis on the legal and political history of black Iowans. David’s work has been featured in the Oxford Handbook of Midwestern History, the Annals of Iowa, the Middle West Review, the African American National Biography, and the Yale Biographical Dictionary of American Law, as well as on NPR, in various newspapers, and at dozens of conferences and lectures for both scholarly audiences and the general public. David was also named Trinity’s Professor of the Year in April of 2021. His teaching includes foundations-level courses as well as upper level courses like African American History, U.S. History 1860-Present, History of Chicago, History of Africa, and History of Terrorism.

Current Work:

I am currently working on my first book: “Breathing the Freedom’s Air: The African American Struggle for Equal Citizenship in Iowa, 1830-1900.”

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“American Studies is the blend of many different traditional disciplines to holistically explore what it means, has meant, and will mean to be American and live in America.”

Secretary & Member-at-Large