Meet Your President:

Brian Hallstoos

Associate Professor of History, University of Dubuque

Brian is Associate Professor of History at the University of Dubuque, where he enjoys teaching a range of courses in U.S. cultural history (e.g. African American History, Music’s Impact in History, Race & Gender in Sport History, Iowa History: Inclusive Perspectives, and Histories of BIPOC Health) and World History. He has published works on African American music, theatre, and sport history and currently works on a book-length biography on Black Olympian Sol Butler entitled “Jumping Past Jim Crow.” Spouse Sharon and he enjoy dancing, rollerblading, and keeping up with their three children, Tatum, Elise, and Joplin.

Current Work:

Book Project: Jumping Past Jim Crow: The Mobile Life of Black Sport Entrepreneur Sol Butler – focuses on how Butler used bodily, mechanical, and social mobility to create opportunities for himself and other African American athletes during the era of legal segregation.

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“American studies to me means social justice, interdisciplinarity, and making important, complex history and ideas accessible to undergrads and beyond the academy.”